Ryan Smith, aka @Kreativ31, is a content creator and live streamer who’s been involved in content production and marketing for over 10 years – who really dislikes writing about himself especially in the third person as if written by some biographer who had to summarize his professional life after he was finally murdered in a dark alley behind a pizza parlor…


A childhood of “spreading yourself too thin” fueled two things: severe adult adhd, and a decade long clusterfuck of Irrelevant Endeavors. Victim to an ever distracted workflow and diverse passions, Irrelevant Endeavors has become and continues to be an ever changing network and community of late night coffee induced think tanks and ventures. Including content production, merchandising, social media monetization, apparel and community driven collaborations. We just want to make cool shit with cool people.

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Ryan’s passion for creative production dates back to early childhood – from web design at age 7 to solo art shows before being able to legally drive. Ryan continues to refine and expand his creative works across a vast array of mediums, including: portrait and lifestyle photography, cinematography and post production, graphic design and illustration, web design and marketing and much more.

social media

Since the days of xanga and myspace, Ryan and social media have evolved together without much separation. Ryan, with Irrelevant Endeavors, owns and manages an expansive social media profile network across multiple platforms and industries. Along with this network, he has spent the last 10 years assisting clients from small/medium close knit service businesses to large scale internet personalities with their content/reach in the form of conceptualization, production and execution.


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